20 Best Canva Elements Keywords for Backgrounds

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With so many Canva elements keywords available, it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of the best ones to use to find aesthetic illustrations. That’s why I’ve put together this Canva elements cheat sheet for background graphics to use in your designs.
Canva Elements Keywords Background
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    Canva elements keywords for backgrounds

    What are Canva keywords?

    Whether you’re a free or Canva Pro user, you easily find and use Canva keywords for elements in your designs.

    Canva elements keywords are specific words that you can type into Canva’s element search from within your design dashboard to find the best Canva graphics.

    In this post, I’m narrowing down the keywords strictly to backgrounds, but there are hundreds (thousands, perhaps) of Canva keywords for elements available for you to use. From doodles to minimalist illustrations and everything in between!

    How do you find aesthetic elements in Canva?

    Finding aesthetic elements in Canva can’t be any easier, but I’ll walk you through exactly how to find ’em! Ready to get started?

    1. Open a new or current design.
    2. Select the “elements” tab.
    3. Type in your Canva elements keyword.
    4. Select “graphics” from the sub-category.
    5. Voila!

    If you’re a visual learner like myself, check out the short video tutorial below to learn how to find Canva aesthetic elements with keywords.

    Canva elements keywords for background graphics

    Now that you know how to find Canva elements with keywords, it’s time to use the best keywords for backgrounds to enhance all your designs.

    • line background
    • grid background
    • floral background
    • pattern background
    • text background
    • gradient background
    • holiday background
    • grunge background
    • neon background
    • minimalist background
    • checkered background
    • geometric background
    • abstract background
    • seamless background
    • pastel aesthetic background
    • colorful background
    • texture background
    • paint background
    • watercolor background
    • brushstroke background

    Type any of these Canva elements keywords into Canva’s element search within your design to find aesthetic backgrounds to use in your next design.

    Canva elements keywords - Pastel Background

    Bonus tip: Canva brand codes for background graphics

    Canva brand codes are a collection of Canva elements made by Canva creators. Here are a few of my favorite Canva brand codes for background graphics for you to use in your next design:

    • brand:BADJX_EgQ-E
    • brand:BABurMNpAhQ
    • brand:BAC2ITjEOxw


    Want to try more Canva tips and tricks?



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