20+ Best Canva Hidden Features You Must Try to Believe

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You’ll wish you knew sooner about all of these incredible Canva hidden features tucked away within the best design platform around! From the Canva Color Palette Generator to Canva styles, Canva version history, and many more Canva tips and tricks for how to use Canva more efficiently.
Canva Color Palette Generator

If you’ve been dabbling with Canva, you might be curious about how to unlock more productivity and efficiency with some Canva hidden features tailor-made for that exact purpose. Let’s delve into the hidden treasure trove of features that Canva has in store for you!

Snag a Free Trial of Canva Pro

While most design platforms might ask you to cough up a hefty amount for membership (and offer just a handful of specialized design tools), Canva Pro stands out in the crowd. Imagine a do-it-all design powerhouse that lives completely on the web – that’s Canva Pro for you.

A frequent query I encounter is, “Does it outshine Photoshop?” The short reply is no, but it genuinely hinges on your proficiency level. If you’re stepping into the world of graphic design, Canva Pro will offer you more value for your money. In fact, I think it’s worth the investment.

Designing on Canva Pro is super simple, even if you’re a beginner with minimal graphic design skills. Plus, you won’t have to climb a steep learning curve to start creating.

The whole platform is a breeze to navigate. You’ll find a plethora of handy keyboard shortcuts, specific keywords for elements, and hidden features to design professional-looking content quickly and easily.

You can create a variety of social media graphics, business cards, PDFs, resumes, presentations, customize templates, and so much more. Plus, there’s an array of stunning font pairings that add a professional touch to your designs.

Moreover, Canva Pro users get the golden ticket to an enormous library of over 60 million stock images and videos for their designs. Yes, you heard that right – over 60 MILLION!

So if you haven’t yet taken Canva Pro for a spin, this is the perfect chance for newbies to enjoy a free 30-day trial.

Exploring Canva Hidden Features

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the best way to utilize Canva? Like me, are you always on the hunt for hacks that can speed up your workflow? If so, you’ll love uncovering the best Canva hidden features.

Here’s a peek into a few secrets that Canva Pro has hidden up its sleeve:

Canva Color Palette Generator

It’s funny to think how long I had been using Canva without knowing about this fantastic tool. This tool generates striking color palette ideas for your designs, and it’s absolutely free, even without a Canva Pro account!

To use it, upload your image or use the “try demo image” option if you’re starting from scratch or need some inspiration. The generator then presents four harmonious color combinations and their hex codes.

Canva Color Palette Generator

Canva Tidy Up Feature

Ever spent too much time trying to space elements evenly? Well, fret no more! Canva’s tidy up tool saves the day and is one of my favorite hidden features.

To use it, highlight multiple elements in your design, navigate to “Position,” and select “Tidy up” under “Space evenly.” Voila! Perfectly spaced elements in no time.

To try it, simply highlight a few elements, at least more than two, and hover on “space evenly” and select tidy up or use the keyboard shortcut ALT+Shift+T.

Canva Version History

Use the Canva version history to avoid the frustration of multiple undos when you make mistakes or try out different styles. It’s a huge time-saver!

To try it, navigate to File>Version history

Canva Magic Resize

The magic resize tool is another of Canva’s hidden gems. Resize any social media post or design element with just a few clicks!

Canva Brand Kit

The brand kit helps you maintain your brand’s aesthetic by storing your colors, fonts, and logos in one convenient spot.

Head to your Brand Hub and start building your own brand kit! Add your custom fonts, logos, template, colors, and more!

Canva Background Remover

If you’re looking for Canva hidden features for enhancing your photos, the background remover tool is a lifesaver that simplifies the process of erasing backgrounds from images and even videos.

Simply select your image, “Edit photo”, and “Background Remover”. It’ll instantly crop out the background. Amazing!

Canva Smartmockups

Create stunning product mockups with over 8,000 options available in the Smartmockups app.

Canva Shadow Effects

This is one of the Canva hidden features that I use most often. It lets you add a blurred shadow to objects and images for a realistic touch.

To use, select your photo, tap “Edit photo” and then, “Shadows”. Select whichever shadow style you desire!

Canva Lock Elements

The lock elements tool allows you to keep some elements in place while moving others. A true time-saver!

Canva Curved Text Generator

With the addition of the curved text generator, Canva Pro now offers more design possibilities to your text!

With your text selected, tap the “Effects” button at the top of your dashboard, and scroll down to “Curve”. From here, you can play with the severity of your curve.

Canva magic eraser

Canva magic eraser does exactly what you expect it to, it magically erasers unsightly areas of your image that you wish to remove.

Canva Apps

There are numerous creative apps that you can integrate with Canva to make your designs pop. From apps that utilize AI to creating custom QR codes.

Canva Copy Style

Want to copy a style to another element? Just use the paint roller icon!

Canva SVG Export

Resize and customize your designs for various devices with the SVG export feature.

Share Directly to Social on Canva

Share your designs directly on social media platforms. You can even schedule content!

Find and Replace Text in Canva

Just like your favorite word processor, you can find and replace text in Canva and it’s a snap to do!

To try it, head to File>Find and replace text or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F.

Canva magic edit

Let’s say you have a photo of a hand holding a cheeseburger that you wish was a carrot… Canva has a tool for that!

Yup, that’s right. With the power of AI, this magic wand of a tool can transform any little thing your heart desires into an entirely different thing. Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

This is definitely one of the coolest Canva hidden features, right?! Learn how to use Canva Magic Edit in your own designs here!

guides & rulers

If you’re meticulous about alignment and precision in your designs, then this is one of the Canva hidden features you must try. It’s a game-changer, my friends! This nifty tool allows you to create lines on your canvas, which act as a reference for positioning elements more accurately.

To turn on rulers and guides, head to File>View Settings>Show rulers and guides. Here you’ll also find an option to add guides that are already spaced precisely for you!

To set your own guides, hover over the edges of your canvas to make the rulers appear. From there, you can pull out guides onto your canvas. These guides, appearing as blue lines, are your new best friends for placing and aligning your elements perfectly. Don’t want them anymore? Just drag them back to the ruler. Simple as that!

The beauty of the ruler and guides feature is that it keeps your design looking crisp, clean, and professional by ensuring everything is perfectly lined up. And isn’t that exactly what we all want? It’s an absolute must for perfectionists and those who just love precision.

Remember, Canva is a tool, and like any tool, you’ll get the most out of it when you know how to use it effectively. I hope these hidden gems help you make the most of your Canva experience.

Canva docs

The Canva Docs feature is a serious game changer for all of us who love to create. Think of it as your digital playground where creativity meets practicality. This feature lets you whip up documents of all kinds, whether you’re crafting a captivating report, creating an engaging presentation, or even assembling a professional resume.

What’s so cool about Canva Docs is that it combines the power of Canva’s design tools with the practicality of a document editor. You’ll have access to Canva’s incredible library of fonts, graphics, and templates, plus the ability to collaborate in real time with your teammates or clients.

In a nutshell, Canva Docs takes your standard documents and allows you to elevate them into beautifully designed masterpieces.

canva pdf editor

If you’ve ever wanted a super easy way to jazz up your PDFs, this is one of the best Canva hidden features to use! Enter the free Canva PDF editor, your new go-to solution. This fantastic tool is like having a magic wand that transforms your plain old PDFs into engaging, eye-catching documents.

One of the best parts? You don’t have to be a design guru to use it. The editor is user-friendly and intuitive, letting you add images, shapes, and text to your PDFs with just a few clicks. And it doesn’t stop there; you can also change the background, add your own branding, or even experiment with Canva’s wide range of pre-designed templates.

Upload your own fonts to canva

Ever stumble upon a font that just screams your brand’s personality? Well, with Canva Brand Kit, you can upload these little gems and use them in your designs! This is one of those Canva hidden features that allows you to truly personalize your visuals and maintain consistency in all your content.

Getting your favorite fonts into Canva is as simple as click, upload, and voila – you’re ready to roll! Whether it’s a stylish script for your Instagram quotes or a bold, impactful font for your website headers, having your custom fonts in Canva means they’re always just a click away.

To try it, head to your Brand Hub and click “Upload a font”.

canva bulk create

Canva is full of incredible tools, and some of the best ones are tucked away, just waiting to be discovered. One such gem is the Canva bulk create feature – it’s a true lifesaver for anyone who regularly creates a lot of visual content.

With the bulk create feature, you can design multiple posts in one go, saving you oodles of time. Whether it’s social media posts, event invites, or business cards, you can maintain a consistent look and feel across all your designs in a snap.

This feature is a testament to the magic of Canva hidden features. They truly pack a powerful punch in helping you streamline your design process and boost your productivity.

Learn how to set up and start bulk-creating content!

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Thank you for all your info. I am new at using canva and I found you at the right time. It has helped me a lot. Thank you


Thank you for this information and knowledge. I am definitely getting into it.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been with Canva from the start and seriously didn’t know a few.of these. I appreciate you and will be putting all these to use.

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