How to Publish a Canva Website

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Learning how to publish a Canva website to your existing domain, one you've purchased from Canva, or a free Canva domain is easy with this guide.
how to publish a canva website

Learn how to publish a Canva website to your custom domain and boost your online presence!

Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, running a blog, or managing a business, using your unique domain name not only boosts your brand’s professionalism but also enhances its visibility online.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the benefits of publishing your Canva website to your domain and the steps to make it happen, including how to buy a custom domain through Canva.

Plus, we’ve got some tips for those who aren’t ready to purchase just yet or have an existing domain they’d like to use.

how to publish a canva website

The Benefits of Publishing to a Custom Domain

Publishing Canva websites to your custom domain offers several advantages:

  • Brand identity — A custom domain reinforces your brand, making it more memorable and credible to visitors.
  • SEO benefits — Custom domains can improve your Canva website SEO, helping you rank higher in search results.
  • Personalization — It allows for greater personalization with professional email addresses linked to your domain with your contact form, enhancing communication with your audience.

How to Publish a Canva Website

to a purchased domain:

  1. Design your Canva website — Start by designing your website on Canva with all the creativity and flair you’re known for or check out my Canva website templates.
  2. Choose a domain — Within Canva, select the option to publish, and when prompted for a domain, choose to buy a new domain through Canva.
  3. Search for your perfect domain name — Canva will guide you through the process, including a search for available domain names that fit your brand.
  4. Purchase and publish — Once you’ve chosen your domain, follow the steps to purchase it, and then publish your site directly to your new domain.

Canva will automatically charge you annually to renew your domain name, but you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.

how to publish a Canva website to a free canva domain:

  • Canva also offers the option to publish your website on a free Canva domain name. This is a great way to get started without any upfront costs, perfect for those testing the waters or needing more time to decide on a custom domain.

With a free Canva subscription, you’re welcome to create and publish up to five websites on your free domain. If you’re looking to expand and publish more, consider purchasing your domains or upgrading your subscription to Canva Pro.

Change the name of your free Canva domain

If you ever want to change the subdomain name of your free Canva website, you’ll need to navigate to the domain settings in your account. Here you’ll be able to edit the subdomain name and all the websites you made under that domain will be updated to your new domain name.

How to publish a Canva website to an existing domain:

  1. Prepare your Canva website — Ensure your website is ready to go live, looking exactly how you want it.
  2. Publish site — If you already own a domain with another provider, click on “Use my existing domain” and on the next screen, “Add another domain”.
  3. Add TXT record — Canva will provide you with specific records to update in your DNS settings. This typically involves adding a TXT record and A records, depending on your provider.
  4. Verify and publish — After updating your DNS settings, go back to Canva to verify your domain by clicking on “Connect domain”. Once verified, you can publish your website to your existing domain.

You can learn more about how to publish a Canva website to your domain here.

It’s important to note that connecting your existing domain to your Canva website is only available to Canva ProCanva for Education, and Canva for Teams users at this time.

Canva Website Hosting

An often-overlooked advantage of Canva websites is the hosting service provided by Canva.

It’s completely free for up to ten websites with a free Canva subscription and unlimited for Canva Pro users.

This generous offering means you can host your website without worrying about additional hosting fees, making Canva an even more attractive option for your web design needs.

Canva website templates

While you’re getting your new domain ready, why not check out my Canva website templates?

I have an array of Canva website templates for sale that can save you time and boost your design process. Whether you’re looking for a sleek portfolio, an engaging blog layout, or a link-in-bio page for Instagram, our website templates provide the perfect foundation to get you started.



Let me help you DIY your marketing efforts with Canva templates designed to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your blog or shop!
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Let me help you DIY your marketing efforts with Canva templates designed to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your blog or shop!


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